Thursday, 27 March 2014

Important Points to Know Before Consulting Cantilever Racks Manufacturers and Suppliers

A cantilever rack is a self-supporting rack having multiple horizontal load carrying arms with one or more vertical arm attached to it. The designers install brace sets in between the vertical supports to improve its load carrying capacity. These racks have unique material and coating properties for different environment. For example, a powder coated rack is perfect for rough and hard environment as it will not oxidize or get smashed easily.

They have open and trouble-free reachable storage shelves that allow easy removal and placement of stored items. They are widely used in warehouses, construction sites, mining units and lumber units. They are used to store long and uneven shaped items like rods, plywood sheets, logs, piping and steel bars. These racks are customized as per the demands of an application. The professionals can easily change the configuration of the rack without compromising with its structural integrity. You can keep these racks outdoor or indoor depending on the requirements.

You can buy them from any anywhere in India. You can even make a search for a particular state like Cantilever racks manufacturers and suppliers Delhi. You will get many search results.  While placing the order, the manufacturer will suggest the configuration according to the nature of your work. But, there are certain things that you should know before consulting the supplier, like:

Number and arms spacing: This is a very important aspect as any wrong decision can damage to the stored objects.
Arms length: The length of the arms should be perfect as short arms will cause problem in placing the objects correctly while long ones will waste the space.
Vertical supporting beam’s height: The vertical arm of these racks should match to the application’s requirements.

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