Friday, 28 March 2014

Information about Flexible Cable Tray

Cable trays allow the safe running of the wires through the ceiling lowering the risk of electrical shock. The flexibility of a cable depends upon the service life of a wire inside a cable carrier. A standard cable normally manages 50,000 cycles, but with the advancement and the needs of industries, the companies have manufactured dynamic cables that can handle cycles in the range of 1 to 3 millions.

The companies deal with the manufacturing and supplying of an extensive range of flexible cable tray in India. You can make a search on the web to know about the details of the companies. The distributors use the supreme raw material and make tailored specifications according to the needs of the clients. These cables are widely used in apartments, plants, townships, theaters and many other industries. They are also employed in refineries, tunnels, chemical and purification plants, offshore plants, and Oil and Gas sector. It is easy to install them and requires less maintenance. The flexible cables are stranded in layers and bundles. Stranding layers are inexpensive and easy to produce. There are many great features of flexible cable systems that separate them from the rest like:

Light weight, robust, easily worked and drilled on the site.
Rust and weather resistant.
Heat or electricity insulator.
Provide additional fire safety to the cables in case of external fire.
Exceptional mechanical properties.
Long life span.
High resistance to UV, chemicals and temperature
Rats and mice resistant

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