Monday, 28 April 2014

Buy Storage Racks from a Reputed Store

Rack manufacturers are designing racking systems that are capable of fulfilling the storage requirements of the industries and warehouses. They are providing supreme quality storage products and exceptional services at reasonable prices, enabling customers to prosper in their businesses by utilizing the vacant space effectively. One can make a search on the web to know about the reputed dealers of the storage systems. The producers and suppliers of the racks are offering finished products using high quality material and providing anti-corrosive treatment. They are easily available in India and one can purchase any storage system, be it is multi tier racks, slotted angle, conventional pallets and others from Delhi, Mumbai or other places. These racks are made using steel, wood and other materials that are used for different purposes like:

  •  Conventional Pallet Racking-They are best to store a wide range of items in pallets. They allow direct access to each pallet, easy stock control and adapt all loads in terms of volume and weight
  •  Slotted Angle Racks- These racks cover all the storage needs of industries, warehouses and shops. They can carry weight ranging from very light loads to heavy ones. The inclusion of a wide range of elements like benches, staircase, tables and pigeon hole allows easy assembly and disassembly of the racking system.
  •  Mezzanine Floors –These floors use the height of the building for the best possible utilization as storage or work area.
  •  Multi-Tier Racks-They are designed for shops and stores where items can be placed and removed manually or by gangways positioned between shelves.

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