Monday, 7 April 2014

Efficient Slotted Angle Racks Manufacturers and Suppliers

In the area of material or product handling activity, a slotted angle rack provides many benefits as compared to the conventional racking system. Slotted angle is also known as Slotted angle iron, is an arrangement of reusable metal strips used to build shelves, frames, equipment stands, work benches and other structures. For centuries, the practical and artistic possibilities of storing products make these racks the best in the field of construction and structural design. They are important equipments found in all warehouse, commerce and product storage areas across the world. 

Today, there is a lot of competition in the online market. The slotted angle racks manufacturers and suppliers are putting their best efforts in constructing a quality racking system. The racks are made by the use of extended slots punched into the metal at regular intervals to allow the structures fixed with bolts and nuts. Also, the longitudinal metal strips folding form a right angle. They are made by using steel or aluminum, though steel is the most commonly used material. 

Slotted angle racks are generally manufactured by using machine presses on the sheet metal to form angles and punch holes. The racks are made of different sizes and weight according to the material to be stored. The availability of racks of different patterns and sizes make them fit for almost any need. They are painted or galvanized to protect from corrosion. They are strong, durable and long-lasting that can bear heavy loads.

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