Monday, 7 April 2014

Information about Mezzanine Floors and its Types

A mezzanine floor is a raised steel platform supported by posts. It is low-ceilinged that lies between the two floors of a building. They are an economical way to utilize the unused space effectively. Mezzanine floors are made from aluminum and steel. They convert the vacant overhead spaces into useful storage or workplace. It is easy to assemble and disassemble them, thus allowing transportation ease. Mezzanine floors are custom-made according to the load bearing capacity of a particular product and space. They are strong, long-lasting and can easily hold multiple users. Mezzanine floors are usually installed to increase the storage space within an area. They are also used as vision towers, observation decks and second storey offices.

There are many online mezzanine floors manufacturers and suppliers in India. The reputed dealers make quality products. You can read testimonials of the companies to know about their work and services. The designers make different types of mezzanine floors for different end-uses like full mat, freestanding and catwalk used for housing, businesses and industrial purposes.

Freestanding floors are solid, have sturdy foundations and do not require additional support. They are stable and maximize the floor space at the mezzanine level.

Catwalk mezzanines are also known as shelving-supported floors. They are perfect for businesses that require extra working and storage space.

Full-mat floors are an amalgam between catwalk and freestanding mezzanines. They are opened like freestanding and provide further space at the floor level as in catwalk mezzanines.

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