Tuesday, 13 May 2014

All about Pallet Racks Storage System

Pallet rack is a storage system used in many industrialized and manufacturing settings. It is shelving system that eases the material storage on multiple levels. It utilizes the warehouse space effectively. There are many pallet racks manufacturers in India that design quality racking system. One can browse the internet to know about the reputed dealers of this racking system. It is suggested to purchase racks from a producer that provide quality products. The type of storage system used depends on several factors like price, items to be stored and available space. These racks are available in different patterns and configurations.

A selective pallet rack is the commonly used racking system that consists of standing frames and crossed beams. It can be set up independently or joint with other frames and beams to form storage structure. One can even add shelves to this rack by installing additional beams that are usually covered with wire decking or plywood.

Another type of pallet rack that is widely used is cantilever rack. This racking system is the perfect choice to store long and oddly shaped items. You can easily keep steel, sheets, furniture, timber and piping on it. You can also modify and configure it as single or double sided storage system. Its arms are flexible offering easiness to store different items. Drive-in rack slides back on a continuous rail allowing a forklift truck to enter the rack from a single side to pick up or pull out pallets whereas drive-through system are open at both ends, allowing first-in, first-out storage. 

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