Thursday, 22 May 2014

Buy a Suitable Racking System for your Storehouse

Storage racks play a significant role in the store and warehouse. They utilize the space efficiently, keep all the items in an ordered way and protect them from damage. Internet is flooded with the information about different types of racks and their usage. Storage structures are easily available in all parts of India. One can purchase tire racks from Delhi, Mumbai and other places. It is essential to choose the appropriate racking system to avoid any inconvenience in keeping the products. Before buying a rack, it is crucial to have thorough information about it. The different types of storage systems are:

Multi-tier racking systems- They are also known as higher storage systems that can utilize the unused ceiling height of the industry or store. They are further divide into 2, 3 and 5 tier racks. The efficient designers construct strong, long-lasting and heavy-duty rack using supreme quality raw material.

Pallet racks- It is best for supermarkets where products are displayed in a limited area and can be reached easily by the consumers. These racks have shelves that make easy for staff members to store the latest arrivals.

Mezzanine floor- This rack provides additional vertical space in the same warehouse or industry thereby reduces the cost of buying another building to keep the machinery parts and many other things.

Cantilever rack- It is particularly used to keep large and oddly shaped items such as pipes, lumbers, furniture and corrugate roofing sheets. It has a horizontal beam that stores the products and is sustained to the vertical beam having great load-bearing capacity.

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