Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Buy Cable Tray from a Reputed Store

Industries like power distribution and communication depends greatly on cable management as the wires used in these fields are arranged in a manner to prevent any mishap. Cable trays and cable duct accessories play an essential role in the industries. The cable trays are used for channelizing the wires whereas cable ducts accessories are significant for cable jetting and other purposes. There are many renowned cable tray manufacturers in Delhi, Mumbai and other areas. You can easily purchase them from anywhere in India. There are many types of cable trays. Some of them are:

  • Stepladder tray- They are widely used in the power distribution industry. The main advantage of these cables is that the moisture does not form inside and the wires get sufficient exposure to air and light.
  •  Channel tray- They are also known as trough tray used for supporting short wires of length ranging from 5 to 12 ft long. They are made of metal or other material and support the cables that produce very less heat.
  • Single rail- They are available in single or multiple tiers and easily installable cable ducts accessories. These are usually 10 to 12 feet long, used for channelizing moderate voltage power cable and low voltage wire systems.
  • Solid tray-These cable trays are secure and made of fiberglass or steel used in highly sensitive circuits.
  • Wire basket- These cable trays are made of steel and widely in the telecommunications industry. They are the perfect choice for low voltage and fiber optic wires. They can easily channelize cables ranging from four feet to eight feet.

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