Thursday, 22 May 2014

Pallet rack- Perfect Material Handling Equipment

Pallet Rack is a material handling storage system that is designed to store goods on pallets. They increase the storage density of the products by keeping it in parallel rows with many levels. They are found in warehouses, manufacturing stores and retail centers. There are many renowned pallet racks manufacturers in India. You can browse the internet to know about a reputed company that offers best quality rack at affordable prices. The manufacturers provide different types of pallet racks like:

Selective Pallet Racking – It is most common pallet rack offering easy access and maximum storage space. They are designed to hold all sizes and weight of palletized materials. There are some parameters like load bearing capacity, shape of the material and others are considered while choosing the pallet system.

Drive-In Pallet Racking- It is designed particularly to store high density palletized products to allow utmost space utilization. It has a common entry and exit point. This rack is widely used in general warehousing, cold storage and manufacturing centers providing several benefits in security, operation and elasticity.

Drive-Thru Pallet Racking- It consists of entry points at both the ends of the structure utilizing first in first out (FIFO) storage method. The pallets are pushed in from one end and pushed back to the other end.

Cantilever Racking – They are best to store long and uneven shaped items like timber, furniture, steel, piping and sheets. These racks are customized and configured as single or double sided racking system. Their arms are adjustable providing flexibility to keep the different items.

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